The Charity

Women in Wales is a registered charity set up to raise funds with an overriding aim to support charities providing help to children in Wales.

The Trustees of Women in Wales retain total discretion regarding the application of funds and will continue to stipulate how funds should be used by recipients. They may decide to allocate all funds raised in a financial year to one recipient or to several recipients, depending on satisfaction of the criteria for receiving support.

The Trustees can make one-off grants but may choose to make successive one-off grants to recipients.

Potential recipients are asked to provide information regarding their project and/or specific funding requirements. To do this you will need to refer to the Grant Making Policy and complete and return the Grant Aid Request Form. Any applications will be considered on an annual basis with the closing date for applications being the 10th November each year.

The next closing date to apply for a grant for the 2024 Lunch will be 10th November 2023.

Completed applications should be emailed to