Please read these guidelines carefully before making your application

What is 'Women in Wales'?

'Women in Wales'' is a grant making organisation which currently organises an annual luncheon to celebrate the achievements of Women in Wales. More than 400 guests attend the lunch from all walks of life including business, public sector, medicine, education and the arts. The event is well established having been run for the past 26 years.
The luncheon is currently organised by the ‘Women in Wales’ voluntary group as a fundraising event, raising funds for charities that will benefit Children and their families; their welfare, health, education and safety.

Criteria and what we can fund

Consideration will be given to charitable organisations supporting projects in England and Wales benefitting children’s needs as mentioned above.
A grant is defined as a financial award made by Women in Wales from its funds to support charitable activities, usually to registered charities or charitable community groups.

Grant making process

In setting grant-making processes, the Trustees have determined they should be transparent and address the interests of both applicants and the wishes of funding partners. To this end, all grant applications will go through a five-stage process as follows:

  • Allocation to available funds according to their availability and criteria.
  • Assessment by Trustees to determine whether the request should be shortlisted for support.
  • Review of the assessment and recommendation by the Trustees. Grant applications not recommended will be rejected.
  • Interview if requested by the Trustees of key members of the applicant organisation and its beneficiaries.
  • Ratification of the recommendation by the Trustees.

Size of grants

The grant size can vary according to the project and the level of need. The overall amount of funds available will not be known until at least two months following the lunch, which is generally held in April, when the accounts are signed off.


Organisations will have to:

  • Detail how much they are seeking as a grant
  • Who will be the beneficiary of such a grant
  • Geographical location of the project
  • What the grant will be used for
  • What impact the grant will make to the organisation
  • What the timescales are of the project
  • Provide full and detailed feedback using the form provided
  • Provide an organisational chart of key members and the constitution/terms of reference of the organisation
  • State whether funds are being sought/advanced from other sources

How to apply

To apply, the organisation must be a charity registered with the Charity Commission for Wales and the UK. Such grants could include (this list is not exhaustive);

  • Funding for the continuation or enhancement of specialist support
  • Funding of specific projects
  • Funding of community activities

Grant applications can be submitted at any time but must be submitted by no later than 10th November 2019.

The grant application form can be downloaded from the website: Grant Request Form.

How quickly will my application by considered?

  • Applications are generally considered by Trustees within 10 weeks after the closing date.
  • It will not be possible to make grants to all of those who apply.
  • Women in Wales aims to notify you of the outcome of your application within 12 weeks of the closing date.
  • In some cases an in-principle decision is made by Trustees pending receipt of further information or references.

If you require any assistance in making your application, please see our contact details.